The Power of Love from Lucas Entertainment
The Power of Love shared between two strong and masculine men in their deepest throes of passion is unmatched. The Power of Love has never been stronger.
The Vito Gallo Collection from Lucas Entertainment
Watch Vito show off his rugged good looks, towering physique, and battering-ram cock in six of the best scenes from his gay porn movies.
Manhandle from Cocky Boys
'An epic match-up.' That's one of several ways to describe ManHandle. Every scene is a testament to the boiling, pent-up sexual energy that every man contains.
Nathaniel Gets His Big Cock Edged from Twisted Media
These poor lads have been restrained, and are forced to be their master's sex slaves. It's not all bad though, as they each get to shoot out a hot, creamy, pleasure-filled load!
Big Cock Alex Adams from Bound In Public
Everyone is enjoying their workout at the boxing gym when Alex Adams comes in and starts bossing people around, hogging all the workout stations and leaving his weights everywhere.
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