Collared And Cuffed from Alphamales
Shirts bursting from the bulging biceps beneath, all whilst the hunky, hairy men are tied down and taken full advantage of by their hung colleagues.
Lucas Barebackers from Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Entertainment’s new power-bottom exclusive Brent Alex returns in “Lucas Barebackers,” where he and nine other hot Lucas Men visit the studio to fuck raw!
Hairy Boyz 22 from Raging Stallion
Watch some of the hottest hairiest men from the middle east get it on with each other and some of Raging Stallion`s hottest stars from the USA and Europe!
Desire from Lucas Entertainment
What do you want? What will satisfy you? What do you Desire? We go deep into the passionate fantasies of fucking to find out what men really want.
Christian Wilde`s Nightmare from Men On The Edge
Late at night two invaders enter Christian Wilde`s apartment while he`s sleeping. These prevs mean to admire the studs body but when one of them gets clumsy Christian wakes up.
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