Gentlemen 6:  Wear Me Out from Sex In Suits
The most elite of the Lucas Men are ready to wear each other out in the bedroom after their long day at the office is finally over. Suits come off and cocks come out!
Battlefield Threesomes 3 from Active Duty
Active Duty is proud to bring you Battlefield Threesomes #3 – Starting off, we have three of AD's finest, at your service! We have a new recruit , Richard Buldger.
Hard Hitting Tops from Lucas Entertainment
Lucas Entertainment’s cast of “Hard Hitting Tops” has one goal in mind: to fuck their bottom guys so good their eyes roll up into the back of their heads!
Secret Agent from
Secret Agents are so sexy all decked out in their snazzy suits. The only thing better seeing them in them is seeing them on the floor after a good hard fucking!
Ambush Massage Vol. 52 from William Higgins
Michael Red is a very well built guy. He came in for a massage and lays on the bed wearing just his underwear. Borek Sokol arrives to massage him and takes some oil to start work.
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